Neuropathy Feet

More than 20 million Americans suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy and this disease can affect both young and old people. It has been estimated that more than 3.5 billion dollars are spent annually by Medicare in US. What is Peripheral Neuropathy Feet? We all understand the importance of nerves in our body which carry messages from the brain to different parts of the body. Peripheral Neuropathy develops when the nerves in the feet are damaged due to various chronic illness, physical trauma and even hereditary conditions. Below we have discussed this in great detail and educated you, regarding the main causes and symptoms which lead this disease to develop.

What are the main factors which create peripheral neuropathy in your feet?


Neuropathy FeetMost diabetic patients suffer from poor blood circulation in their feet due to various reasons. Sometimes this leads to the development of wounds and sores in their feet. If you do not pay immediate attention to this problem, you would have the infection entering the nerve area of your feet. This could lead to the development of neuropathy in your feet.

Strong cancer medications

When you suffer from cancer, you undertake strong medications to remove the cancer cells from your body. One of the side effects that you would suffer is that a few of your nerves would be damaged and thus the nerves in your feet could be damaged too. If you have undertaken Chemotherapy, the nerves around your feet would be damaged.

Addiction to alcohol

Your nerves are healthy when they receive their quota of vitamins on a daily basis. When you are an alcoholic, these vitamins are not received by the nerves in your body. Thus an alcoholic would suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy in Feet.

Genetic conditions

If your parents have suffered from neuropathy, there is a high chance that you as their child might suffer from it also.

Other causes

You might suffer from neuropathy in your feet, if you have Vitamin B12 deficiency, suffering from kidney problems and Guillain-Barré syndrome.

What are the basic symptoms which would indicate that you have this problem?

A human foot has motor and sensory nerves in them. The symptoms of Neuropathy Feet would indicate which nerve has been damaged and to what level.

#When the sensory nerve is damaged

•    If the sensory nerve in your feet has been damaged then you suffer from a slight tingling to severe burning sensation in your feet area. You might feel that your feet feel numb. This sensation would start from the toes in your feet and move up slowly covering the entire leg area, in a few minutes time.

•    You might also feel that you are wearing a tight stocking in your leg.

•    The skin around the feet would be sensitive and if you touch it, you would experience excoriating pain.

#When your motor nerves have been damaged

•    The muscles in your led would develop weakness and in advance cases paralysis would set in.

•    You would be unable to do certain things and feel that you cannot control them.

•    If you are diabetic, you might not be able to sense pain, as the feet nerves have become numb.

What are the treatments available?

No complete cure of neuropathy is available but medical expert’s advice the patient to undertake a few precautions like-

•    For people suffering from Diabetes, it is essential you monitor your blood sugar level on a regular basis.

•    In case you have acute leg pain, you would need to have painkillers, after you have consulted your doctor.

•    Doctors advice their patients to abstain from addiction like smoking and drinking. When you smoke the level of oxygen comes down and this is bad for your health.

•    It is essential that you maintain proper foot care hygiene.

•    Your shoes should be fitted well and allow proper air circulation in the feet area. Also avoid wearing nylon socks and wear cotton varieties. This would help your feet to breathe well.